Ann Wittmann
Wyoming Beef Council

The Beef Industry Long Range Plan is one of the most important tools State Beef Councils have.  It is the foundation for organizational strategic planning. The Wyoming Beef Council knows that in order to impact demand, we must work together as an industry to meet long term goals. The Beef Industry Long Range Plan allows us to consider the impact we have, as a cow calf state, on the rest of the industry and assists us in assessing how we can best contribute to the industry's long term goals.  The Plan also gives us a base against which we can measure our accomplishments and evaluate our programs.

Barbara S. Jackson
Animal Health Express Inc.

I am a shareholder in my family's large commercial feedlot, my husband and I have a small cow/calf operation; plus we are in the animal health business - selling vaccines, antibiotics and all herd health supplies. Animal Health Express is a mail order business.

Information in this plan tells me what the beef industry emphasis and direction is plus positions on key issues that affect my business. What policies are made in Washington DC will directly impact our business regarding antibiotics, government oversight, etc. We will work to keep our customers informed on these issues, how they can continue or not to use these products properly and most efficiently. We will continue to be transparent to consumers about how we producers care most to provide the safest and best tasting animal protein.

John Butler, CEO Beef Marketing Group (BMG)

I work with a lot of great folks across the beef supply chain and am always looking for ways to gain trust and ultimately increase value for the beef we produce for the consuming public.  We will focus on quality, efficiency and transparency. To increase demand we will need to efficiently produce a consistent product we are willing to stand behind.







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