Updated March 2017

All receipts need to be turned in by April 14, 2017. Please email original scanned receipts to Catherine Huggins at chuggins@beef.org.





100% Reimbursable

Send to chuggins@beef.org


Email - Airline receipt with flight itinerary with payee information noted

Directors Only



Billing covered by NCBA, direct from hotel: only room cost and tax covered

Directors and SBC Staff




Email – distance from home to airport with Google map verifying distance

Parking at airport – receipt needed

Include: payee information, with mailing address for reimbursement

Directors Only



Airport Transfer

Email – original scan/photo receipt with payee information

If you registered for transport with Robel at http://www.pristinecarservice.com/ncba.html Pristine will invoice NCBA.

Use Project Code: 73720

Directors and SBC Staff





@ NCBA Beef Center

Expense covered with registration

Directors and SBC Staff




  • Airfare (applies to Directors only)
    • Only the price of the roundtrip coach ticket from home state to Denver.
    • No change fees.
      • If participant chooses to arrive/depart earlier/later, the change fee is their responsibility.
    • No refunds.
      • If the participant booked the ticket and was unable to attend, NCBA will not reimburse.
    • Bag fees will be reimbursed; however, we will not reimburse for early-bird check-in fees or seat upgrades.
    • NCBA will pay for room and tax only; incidental charges are participant’s responsibility.
    • NCBA will not reimburse hotel for the night before departure or night of return in home state (this would be an individual or state beef council expense).
  • Lodging (applies to both Directors & SBC Staff)
    • Only paid for by NCBA for “essential” nights of Orientation.
      • One night before Orientation begins is allowable.
      • Complimentary hotel stay ends the night before the Orientation ends.
        • i.e., if Orientation begins Tuesday, a Monday night stay is allowed.
        • i.e., if Orientation ends Thursday, Wednesday night is last allowed stay.
  • Mileage (applies to Directors only)
    • Paid at current rate allowed by the IRS (2017 rate = .535¢ per mile)
    • NCBA will pay mileage if driving to Orientation, but only an amount equal to the cost of roundtrip airfare from home state to Denver booked four weeks in advance. A copy of estimated airfare cost will need to be provided with your expense report.
    • NCBA will pay mileage to/from airport to home in home state.
  • Ground transportation while in Denver (applies to both Directors & SBC Staff)
    • If using PRISTINE CAR SERVICE at (720) 326-8088 with robel@pristinecarservice.com; direct billing to NCBA will be possible. No receipt necessary, just registration through Robel for internal billing purposes. Website: http://www.pristinecarservice.com/ncba.html
    • NCBA will pay for shuttle, taxi or compact/economy rental car.(NCBA will not reimburse for any additional insurance coverage associated with a rental car agreement.)
    • Taxi or rental car option is allowed only with minimum of 2 or more attendees riding in same vehicle.
  • Meals (applies to both Directors & SBC Staff)
    • NCBA will pay for meals consumed as part of the orientation.
      • No meals pre- or post-orientation will be reimbursed (this would be an individual or state expense).
      • No meals (other than planned meals) will be reimbursed.
        • i.e., if onsite dinner is already planned as part of Orientation, we will not pay for an attendee to eat elsewhere.
  • Other (applies to Directors only)
    • NCBA will pay for airport parking fees for “essential” nights (see Lodging)
    • NCBA will pay for charges associated with toll roads

NCBA requires all receipts must be original (scanned/photo), itemized and detailed for reimbursement of any expense.

Contact Details:
Catherine Huggins
9110 East Nichols Ave, Suite 300
Centennial, CO 80112


For more information contact
National Cattlemen's Beef Association, 9110 E. Nichols Ave. #300, Centennial, CO 80112, 303-694-0305