Updated February 2018





100% Paid


Arrangements through Corporate Travel Planners.

Billing covered by NCBA, direct from Travel Planner: only SBC staff booked through Travel Planner will be billed back to SBC by NCBA.

Directors Only


Billing covered by NCBA, direct from hotel: only room cost and tax covered

Directors and SBC Staff


Email – distance from home to airport with Google map verifying distance

Parking at home airport – receipt needed

Include: receipts, payee information, with mailing address for reimbursement

Due: 5/11/18 to chuggins@beef.org

Directors Only

Airport Transfer

Arrangements by Amy Johnson through Dav El Boston Coach after flights are booked.

Directors and SBC Staff

(only SBC staff attending for new staff orientation training)


@ NCBA Beef Center

Expense covered with registration

Directors and SBC Staff


  • Airfare (applies to Directors only)
    • Only the price of the roundtrip coach ticket from home state to Denver and made through the Corporate Travel Planners. If exception is needed contact Amy Johnson.
    • No refunds.
      • If the participant booked the ticket and was unable to attend, NCBA will not reimburse.
    • Bag fees will be reimbursed; however, we will not reimburse for early-bird check-in fees or seat upgrades.
  • Lodging (applies to both Directors & SBC Staff)
    • Only paid for by NCBA for “essential” nights of Orientation.
      • One night before Orientation begins is allowable.
      • Complimentary hotel stay ends the night before the Orientation ends.
        • i.e., if Orientation begins Tuesday, a Monday night stay is allowed.
        • i.e., if Orientation ends Thursday, Wednesday night is last allowed stay.
    • NCBA will pay for room and tax only; incidental charges are participant’s responsibility.
    • NCBA will not reimburse hotel for the night before departure or night of return in home state (this would be an individual or state beef council expense).
  • Mileage (applies to Directors only)
    • Paid at current rate allowed by the IRS (POV 2018 rate = .545¢ per mile)
    • NCBA will pay mileage if driving to Orientation, but only an amount equal to the cost of roundtrip airfare from home state to Denver booked four weeks in advance.
    • NCBA will pay mileage to/from airport to home in home state.
  • Ground transportation while in Denver (applies to both Directors & SBC Staff)
    • NCBA will be scheduling your transportation to and from the airport based on your airline flights using Dav El/Boston Coach. These charges will be direct billed to NCBA.
    • If flight arrival does not allow use of Boston Coach through arrangements made by Amy Johnson, airport transport will be reimbursed. Please email – original scan/photo receipt with payee information by 5/11/18 to chuggins@beef.org
  • Meals (applies to both Directors & SBC Staff)
    • NCBA will pay for meals consumed as part of the orientation.
      • No meals pre- or post-orientation will be reimbursed (this would be an individual or state expense).
      • No meals (other than planned meals) will be reimbursed.
        • i.e., if onsite dinner is already planned as part of Orientation, we will not pay for an attendee to eat elsewhere.
  • Other (applies to Directors only)
    • NCBA will pay for airport parking fees for “essential” nights (see Lodging)
    • NCBA will pay for charges associated with toll roads

NCBA requires all receipts must be original (scanned/photo), itemized and detailed for reimbursement of any expense.

All receipts need to be turned in by May 11, 2018. Please email original scanned receipts to Catherine Huggins at chuggins@beef.org.

Contact Details:
Catherine Huggins
9110 East Nichols Ave, Suite 300
Centennial, CO 80112



For more information contact
National Cattlemen's Beef Association, 9110 E. Nichols Ave. #300, Centennial, CO 80112, 303-694-0305